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Rush Limbaugh Failed to Get Texas Republicans to Vote for Clinton

March 5, 2008

Rush Limbaugh urged Texas Republicans to vote for Clinton in yesterday’s primary on recent episodes of his radio show.  He even claimed today that his plan had succeeded.  But what did the Texas exit polls show?  According to CNN, Republicans made up 9% of the voters in the Texas primary.  (66% were Democrats and 25% were Independents.) These Republicans actually favored Obama 53% to 46%, an exact mirror of how Texas Democrats voted.  Note that a total of 2.8 million Texans voted in the Democratic primary while only 1.3 million Texans voted in the Republican primary.  The percentages of voters in the Republican primary were 78% Republican, 21% Independent, and 2% Democrats.

These numbers  indicate that 1,014,000 Republicans voted in the Republican primary while 252,000 Republicans voted in the Democratic primary.  This implies that 20% of the Republicans voted in the Democratic primary in Texas.  But only 46% of these Republicans voted for Clinton; so, at most 9% of Republicans actually followed Rush’s advice to vote for Clinton.  (I say “at most” since some of these might have voted for Clinton anyway.)

So, despite his claims of success with his anti-Obama tactic, Rush failed.  His conservative fans might laugh at his antics, but they either knew it was all a joke and didn’t take it seriously or were just too lazy to get out and actually vote for Clinton.

Note that the composition of the voters in the Ohio Democratic primary was quite similar to the Texas Democratic primary: 69% Democrats, 22% Independents, and 9% Republicans.  The Republicans split their vote 49% to 49% between the two Democrats.   The composition of voters in the Rhode Island Democratic Primary was 64% Democrats,  32% Independents, and 3% Republicans.  The composition of voters in the Vermont Democratic Primary was 55% Democrats, 38% Independents, and 6% Republicans.  So, the percentage of Republicans amongst all voters who voted in the Texas Democratic primary last night was not higher than in the other states.