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Welcome to “Logical and True”

January 27, 2008

A good friend of mine with whom I often discuss politics, science and many other topics suggested this morning that I start a blog to share my ideas with a wider audience. He also recommended I use WordPress. I agreed that it was a good idea and decided to get started today rather than procrastinating until I forgot all about it.

Who am I and what can you expect to hear from me?  I’m a 43 year old white male living in Westchester, New York with my wife and my dog (a Norwegian Elkhound named Thor).  I work at home 4 days a week for a software company.  (Why 4? Because 5 is too many!)  I have a Ph.D. in Mathematics and have studied some physics and climate science.  While I am not a practicing scientist, I consider myself “scientific”.  I read a fair amount of fiction and non-fiction and enjoy listening to jazz, classical music, and hard rock.  My favorite magazine is Scientific American.

Politically, I’m a liberal Democrat and proud to say it.  I prefer calm and careful analysis to talking/shouting heads and demagoguery.  I wish our news networks provided more of the former and less of the latter, especially when covering politics.  I watch CNN and MSNBC (especially Morning Joe) as well as The News Hour on PBS  but can’t stand Fox News.  I read The New York Times every day.  I originally supported Bill Richardson for President because he was the most experienced of all the Democrats.  After he dropped out of the race, my initial tendency was to support Hillary Clinton since she has more extensive experience (at least in Washington) than Barack Obama.  However, I have been completely turned off by the combative and dishonest dog-eat-dog campaigning of the Clintons and fear that Washington would continue to be soured by bitter divisiveness and gridlock with Hillary Clinton as President.  Accordingly, I’m now supporting Senator Obama who wouldmore likely forge political consensus to address all the crucial issues facing America.

I plan on blogging about politics (especially the 2008 U.S. presidential race) and important issues such as climate change and energy policy that I believe can only be successfully addressed if our decision making is guided by science.  As a scientific person, I pay close attention to facts, think logically, and keep an open mind; hopefully, you’ll find this to be the case as I write my blog posts and respond to your comments.