Early and Final Results from Wyoming Caucus

So far, 78% of the vote is in from the Democratic Wyoming Caucus.  The results look good for Obama.  At this point, he was beating Clinton 59% to 40%.  More importantly, he has won more counties and has won more counties with more than 60% of the vote.  Winning counties by more than 60% could help him get an even bigger share of Wyoming’s 12 delegates. Out of 23 counties, he has won 11 of those who reported full results while Clinton has only won 7.  Of these 18 reporting counties, Obama won 7 of them with 60% of the vote or more.  Clinton did not win any counties with this margin.

You can see updated results at CNN’s Election Center  including county-level maps and tables.

Here is the map as displayed at 3:10 PM EST today:

Wyoming County Map from CNN

Postscript: Here is the final map.  Obama won 4 of the remaining 5 counties while Clinton won 1.  However, two counties that had originally seemed to be Clinton wins ended up being ties.  The final score was: Obama 15, Clinton 6, Tied 2.  Overall, Obama won 61% of the vote while Clinton won 38%.  The final delegate allocation according to ABC and CBS was 7 to 5 in favor of Obama.  So, Obama increased his delegate lead by 2.

Final Wyoming Caucus Map


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One Response to “Early and Final Results from Wyoming Caucus”

  1. Lori H. Says:

    I hope this is true, Wyoming! The Ohio primary results are very suspicious as they ran out of Democratic ballots early in the day in SEVERAL counties and precincts almost exclusively in areas favorable to Obama. I have seen snippets of news coverage on this issue, and I only hope that the right authorities really look into it. I’m not even an Obama supporter, but Clinton winning by dishonest default turns my stomach.

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