Clinton Campaign Just Offered to Raise $15 Million to Cover New Primaries in Florida and Michigan

James Carville, a Clinton supporter, just announced on CNN’s Situation Room that the Clinton campaign can quickly line up $15 Million to help underwrite the costs of new primaries in Florida and Michigan and would do so if the Obama campaign also did the same.  He even said he had big donors ready to contribute.  Unfortunately, the Obama surrogate who appeared opposite Carville, David Wilhelm, seemed reluctant to agree to this proposal.  I suspect that he did not feel he had the authority to accept this proposal on behalf of the Obama campaign.  Wilhelm ultimately did say that Carville’s proposal would be “one of the options on the table”  and “a reasonable position” but he did not want to hammer out an agreement on the show.  He seemed more focused on scoring political points about the Clinton campaign’s former advocacy of counting the original primaries.

Carville’s proposal is essentially in line with my proposals in recent blog posts  in which I suggested that the states and campaigns could raise the money needed for new primaries in Florida and Michigan through voluntary donations from voters.

Now the ball is in the Obama campaign’s court.  I hope they quickly step up and agree to contribute or raise the same $15 Million that the Clinton campaign (through Carville) agreed to raise.  Note that while Carville might have been talking about raising “soft money” from big donors, it would probably be easy to raise the money from ordinary voters $25, $50, and $100 at a time.


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