A Solution for Florida and Michigan: Part 2

Terry McAuliffe from the Clinton campaign was talking about counting the delegates from the Florida and Michigan primaries last night on MSNBC and Hillary Clinton listed both states amongst the big states she had won during her post-primary speech last night. 

A spokeswoman from the Democratic National Committee, Karen Finney, told Brian Williams on MSNBC that Florida and Michigan have had the option all along of resubmitting election process proposals to the DNC under which the states could hold new primaries or caucuses that would comply with the DNC rules unlike the original primaries that did not comply with the rules.  She also said that the DNC would like to see events in which as many people as possible would participate.

What she did not say anything about was how expensive new primaries (as opposed to new caucuses)  would be or how they would be financed.  I made a proposal for this in a blog post  on 2/17/2008, suggesting that it would be very easy for the states to raise the required funds if they put up websites asking the voters of their states to make voluntary contributions to cover the expenses of new primaries.  I also suggested that Senators Clinton and Obama could each kick in a few Million dollars to get things rolling.

Of course, contributions would not have to be restricted to the voters in Florida and Michigan.  I’m sure that many Obama and Clinton supporters across the country would make donations for this purpose.  In fact, it might not even be necessary for the states to set up their own websites.  Senators Obama and Clinton could each solicit donations from their supporters explicitly for the purpose of holding new contests in these states and accept the donations through their own websites.  They could then pass on such donations to the states.

I still believe that my proposal is the best way to get new primaries in these states and that new primaries would be the best thing for the Democratic Party, the voters, and the candidates.


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