Clinton Campaign Wants to Change Rules Again

It won’t be any surprise to those who have been watching the Obama-Clinton race that the Clinton campaign is trying to change the rules again in the middle of the game.  They first tried to change the rules by getting the delegates from Florida and Michigan seated at the Democratic National Convention even though those states were told as soon as they scheduled their early primaries that their delegates would not count.  And they still hope to suceed based on an interview I saw with Terry McAuliffe tonight.

Now, according to CNN’s political ticker, former HUD secretary Henry Cisneros, a Clinton supporter, complained about the Texas caucus being a “great burden on voters” and that it would be unfair if Obama won more delegates from Texas as a result of the caucus (which was in addition to the primary).  The reports coming from the Texas caucus make this look likely.

If the Clinton campaign had really considered the Texas “primacus” unfair, they should have protested about it last year when Texas submitted its election plan to the Democratic National Committee just like they should have complained last year about the DNC’s decision to strip Florida and Michigan of their delegates.  It is incredibly insincere to complain about these things now under the guise of “counting all the votes”.


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