ABC News Analyst Predicts Obama Will Win Democratic Nomination

Matthew Dowd of ABC News wrote an interesting article yesterday predicting that Barack Obama will win the Democratic nomination.  He argues that Obama will likely end up with more pledged delegates and that the superdelegates will then have no choice but to back him to avoid charges of hypocrisy since the Democratic Party argued in the contested 2000 election (and on other occasions since) that all votes should be counted so that the will of the voters can be determined and respected.

I think he’s probably right about the superdelegates feeling pressure to support the candidate with the most delegates, but would not be surprised if they did not.  Also, we can’t really know how many delegates Obama and Clinton will win in the remaining primaries and caucuses.  What if one of them makes a gaffe during a debate or speach? Or what if Clinton rebounds from her current struggles? Anything is possible and we might not really know who will have the most pledged delegates until voters in states like Ohio, Texas, and Pennsylvania have voted.


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2 Responses to “ABC News Analyst Predicts Obama Will Win Democratic Nomination”

  1. Shard Says:

    That’s true. It will likely be hard for Obama to win in Texas…it seems that Latinos generally go for Clinton…and a win in the face of this wave of Obama momentum will amplify the win.

  2. sanchez Says:

    I am latino-american in texas, I am voting for Obama. I like Hillary too, but we need someone new in Washington. We’ve had the Clinton era, we’ve had the bush era. We don’t want the same old people back in Washington. If we need real change, we need new people, one who can inspire everyone irrespective of race, religion or gender. Obama does have a lot of plans, i liked the debate last night. he outlined that he’s not just about talk, and that he has substance. For more info, I also checked the Obama website. He clearly outlines how everything will be implimented. Good ideas. I dont mean to say Clinton has bad ideas, but I just think Obama has the cabability to bring everyone together, because if we’re all united, change can happen, anything is possible if we’re united. Lets make America, the United States of America. The fact that he’s won most of states also show that he has support for a massive group of people, again from all race, religion & gender. All my latino friends & family are voting for Obama, we need new people in Washington. I kindly request not just latinos, but whites, blacks, asians, and native americans to vote for Obama. Moreover, Obama is the only candidate that even mentioned “native americans” in his campaigns, i like that. He’s treating everyone equally. That’s the kind of person a President should be. God Bless America. Please go out there & vote, I prefer you vote for Obama. Thanks for reading my comments.

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