Obama Won More “Red” States than Clinton

One of the most interesting results in the Democratic race on Super Tuesday is the fact that most of the states Barack Obama won were “Red” states in the 2000 and 2004 Presidential elections, meaning that they voted for George Bush. In addition, he won more Red states than Hillary Clinton did.

Obama won the following Red states last night: Alaska, Idaho, Utah, Colorado, North Dakota, Kansas, Missouri, Alabama, and Georgia. In addition, he previously won in South Carolina and Iowa (which voted for Bush in 2004).

Clinton won the following Red states last night: Arizona, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Tennessee.  She previously won in Nevada and Florida (although neither she nor Obama campaigned in the latter and the outcome might have been very different if they had).

These results suggest that Barack Obama could ultimately be more electable than Hillary Clinton in the general election since a Democratic candidate needs to win some of the Red states in order to beat the Republican candidate.


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One Response to “Obama Won More “Red” States than Clinton”

  1. rberlind Says:

    Since I wrote this, Obama has gone on to also win other Red states: Nebraska, Louisiana, and Virginia.

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