Open Letter to Governor Richardson: Please Endorse Obama

Below is an open letter I sent to Governor Bill Richardson through his website.  I have copied it here to make it more public in the hope that more people will see it and send similar letters to Governor Richarson on behalf of Barack Obama.

I’m embarassed to say that I somehow ended up thinking that Phoenix was in Richardson’s state, New Mexico, even though I have been there once and should have remembered that it is in Arizona. Rather than changing the text below, I decided to leave it in the form that I actually sent it to Governor Richardson. That struck me as more truthful and in tune with the title of my blog.


Dear Governor Richardson,

I supported you during your campaign for President this year because I thought you had the widest experience and were best qualified amongst the Democratic candidates to be President.

After you dropped out of the race, I was leaning toward Hillary Clinton as the next most experienced candidate. However, I got very turned off by the campaigning style of the Clintons between the NH and SC primaries. Their behavior reminded me of how confrontational, aggressive, and defensive the Clintons can be. I think both of them are good people who want to do the right things for our country, but I think it is very hard for them to undo the effects of all the right-wing attacks against them during their political career.

While I know that Senator Clinton has worked well with Republicans in the Senate, she has had the luxury of being able to pick and choose the Republicans she worked with. As President, she would have to deal with the entire Republican party when they and the right-wing media fought against the policies she proposed. I fear that she and Bill would fight back in unproductive ways rather than calmly sitting down and working out reasonable compromises. I worry that the gridlock in Washington would continue and that we would not make progress on the important issues of the day like climate change, energy independence, health care, and ending the war in Iraq.

I have therefore decided to support Barack Obama and want to encourage you to do the same. While I originally had reservations about Senator Obama running for President, feeling that it showed a high degree of hubris to run at this point in his career, I have become convinced that he is wise beyond his years, has great insights and communication skills, and would be a great leader of our country right now. I believe that Barack will be better able to persuade both Democrats and Republicans to support his policies and will not engage in bitter, divisive battles with those who attack or disagree with him.

I heard on TV that you’ll be sitting with President Clinton during the Super Bowl. That’s fine; after all, you’re the Governor of the state where it is being held and it makes sense for you to extend him the courtesy of attending the game with you. But, as you sit with him and enjoy both the game and his charm, please don’t agree to endorse Senator Clinton, at least not right away. Please give yourself at least one night to sleep on it before making your decision.

In the end, I hope you’ll realize that Barack Obama is the more inspirational leader who will unite our country to resolve the important issues we face.

Sincerely yours,


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2 Responses to “Open Letter to Governor Richardson: Please Endorse Obama”

  1. AJ Khdair Says:

    Please accept this letter from a veteran

  2. rberlind Says:

    Richardson did endorse Obama today, saying he would be a “historic and a great President, who can bring us the change we so desperately need by bringing us together as a nation here at home and with our allies abroad.” Apparently, the speech that Obama gave on race in Philadelphia earlier this week is what tilted Richardson toward Obama.

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