Would Edwards Pursue the VP Spot with Clinton?

Some might argue that if Edwards wants to become Vice President so that he can ultimately become President in 8 years, then he would be better off working out a deal with Hillary Clinton.  After all, if he did endorse Clinton in exchange for a place on the ticket, then Clinton would almost certainly win the nomination.  In contrast, if he joins with Obama, Clinton might still win and then he would have alienated the Clintons.

However, I doubt very much that Edwards or any other high-profile Democrat will want to accept the VP spot on a Clinton ticket.  Why? Because everyone knows that Bill Clinton will be the “real” Vice President in a Clinton administration.  The official VP would have a severely diminished role even compared to the traditional pre-Cheney VP role.  Edwards is smart enough to know this and would probably rather follow the Al Gore model of focusing on the issues he cares most about outside Washington and the political system.  Of course, it is possible that he will decide to pursue the Al Gore model in any case and might not want to accept the VP spot on the Obama ticket even if it is offered to him and even if he decides to endorse Obama.


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