Obama Should Recruit Edwards Now

Now that John Edwards is dropping out of the Democratic race, I think it makes even more sense for Barack Obama to add him to his ticket and attract all the voters who had been supporting Edwards. If Edwards had stayed in the race, he would have won some delegates and might have eventually struck a deal to have them support Obama. But now, some of those delegates will go to Obama and some will go to Clinton. Overall, Obama will end up with fewer delegates than he would have if Edwards had stayed in the race and joined the Obama ticket at the convention in August.

But if Obama recruits Edwards as his VP running mate now, the joint Obama-Edwards ticket would almost certainly get all of the delegates that Edwards would have gotten between now and the convention. Edwards has wanted to be President for a long time. At this point, having failed to win the Democratic nomination twice, his best chance of eventually becoming President is to once again accept the VP spot on the ticket and then run for President again in 8 years when he’ll be able to claim more experience and be widely recognized as a leader of the Democratic party just as Al Gore was at the end of Bill Clinton’s second term.


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